Real Estate Investment Consulting

Compass Property Management LLC manages over 100 units of residential properties.  All of the properties under are management are located in the Central Indiana markets.  All of the properties under our management are purchased through us as a broker.  We provide all of our clients with basic understanding of the central Indiana real estate markets along with with various aspects of real estate investing.  Although there is a lot that everyone can learn through watching Youtube videos and reading blogs, we feel that we provide real-life ground experiences towards understanding various aspects of real estate investing.

One of the thing that we try to understand early on is what is the objective of a client.  Real Estate investing can be a very small part of an investor’s portfolio or a full-time profession.  We work with investors from across the spectrum so we understand well their needs whether they own one home to diversify their portfolio or they are working towards replacing the income from their full-time job.

One of the other questions we always pose to our clients when they are considering real estate investment properties: “Do you want to become a landlord, or would you rather rehab and resell properties?” Some investors enjoy paying down their loans and building equity with someone else’s rent checks – and, earning their investment back over a longer term. Then there are others who do not wish to be hassled by tenants and hope to make a quicker return on their investment. Either approach is valid in today’s marketplace. Think about what you are comfortable with and the unique set of risks and rewards associated with both strategies.

First-time investors should work with a real-estate agent experienced in investment property deals.   Look for relational brokers – those individuals who expect to do business with you on a recurring basis. These are the experts who will be much more careful with what properties they recommend.  Please contact our broker Darshan Soni if you are exploring investing Real Estate for a free consultation.