Paying Rent:

Our fast and simple online portal is the easiest way to pay rent, saving you the time and money!

To utilize this feature, just log into your tenant portal and select “Pay Now”  then follow the prompts to submit your payment! 

Requesting Maintenance:We keep things simple and easy here at Compass Property Management. To request maintenance simply log into your tenant portal and select “Request Maintenance”, then follow the prompts to submit your request. This is the easiest and quickest method! 

For Emergencies please call 1-844-966-7368 and Select Option 5 immediately. 

For water leaks please locate the main water valve in your home or apartment and turn it to the off or closed position.

Before Requesting Maintenance:

Before requesting maintenance please review these helpful troubleshooting tips. If you are still experiencing issues afterward, please submit a maintenance request.

Smoke detector beeps periodically
Check and replace the battery.
No power to one or plugs or switches
Check the breaker panel or fuse box for tripped breakers. Reset if necessary. If the breaker continues to trip, request maintenance.
No hot water
Check the thermostat on the hot water tank. Is the pilot light lit? Check the breaker panel or fuses valve closed.
Hot water is too hot
Check the thermostat on the tank and turn it down.
Faucet or toilet leaks
Turn off water to the leaking fixture and request maintenance 
Toilet clogged
Try a plunger. If it is still clogged, please request maintenance
No Heat 
Check the thermostat batteries, furnace filter, and breakers. If still experiencing issues request maintenance  
Dishwasher won’t drain
Clean any food particles out of the bottom of the dishwasher. Clean the  float. Please always rinse dishes before washing.
Refrigerator too warm or too cold
Check the thermostat, set correctly. Setting it too cold can cause the lines to freeze. Check that the front and back grills clean/vents and drainage holes are clean 

Pets:At Compass Property Management, many of our properties welcome the four legged friends, however, owner preferences and insurance policies will ultimately determine what types of pets and how many are allowed. All of our listings will specify if pets are allowed and what restrictions apply. Please keep in mind, not all of our properties are suitable for larger dogs. Apartments typically restrict pets to under 30 pounds and impose a limit of 2 per household. 

Pet Fees:

  • Non refundable pet deposit: $250 per pet
  • Monthly pet rent:  $25 per pet

General Rules and Regulations for Pet Owners :

  • All tenants must abide by all local pet ordinances. This includes proper licensing and yearly rabies vaccinations. 
  • Unless a fenced back yard is present at the property, pets must be kept on a leash and under the owners control while out on the property. 
  •  Barking must be kept to a minimum at all times especially for our apartment residents
  • Tenants must always clean up pet waste and properly dispose of it. 

Moving In:

Below you will find some useful information to help you prepare for your move! 

Move In Inspection:On the day of your move-in, we will provide you with a photographic inspection of the apartment or home to document its condition from the very start of your lease. This inspection will provide you with notes of any blemishes or imperfections as well as notes on what work was performed prior to your move-in  ( new flooring, fresh paint, ect. ) If during your first 5 days in the apartment or home, you find any item that needs maintenance or documentation, please submit a maintenance request through your online tenant portal, or send an email to management. Upon review, this will be added to the inspection report. A final copy will be sent to you via email for signing, 7 days after moving in.  

Tenant Responsibilities:As a valued resident, we ask that you treat the new apartment or home with care and respect. Please be courteous and respectful to your new neighbors, and follow all the requirements and rules of the lease agreement. Taking good care of the property also helps ensure full deposit returns after moving out. 

General Responsibilities:

The lease agreement will contain a full list of tenants responsibilities but below are some of the basics:

  • Always maintain the property in a clean and sanitary manner both inside and out
  • Set up utilities in your name prior to moving in. Utilities will vary by property. Be sure to contact your new property manager for a list of providers
  • General Landscaping – Grass must be cut weekly, all shrubs must be kept trimmed yearly, and all general foliage must always be trimmed away from sidewalks and exterior ac unit components 
  • Basic maintenance/care for the home including changing light bulbs, furnace filters, smoke detector batteries, cleaning, and pest control.

Paying rent:
As discussed above, you will receive tenant login information for your tenant portal prior to move in. We encourage tenants to set up auto pay each month to avoid late payments.

Maintenance Requests:At Compass, we strive for excellence with all our properties. We want to ensure every property stays in great condition during your stay, and we encourage our valued residents to request maintenance appropriately to prevent larger issues and costly repairs. If you are unsure if maintenance is needed or not a good rule of thumb is to refer to the guide above, or contact your property manager. When in doubt, don't hesitate to reach out!

Moving out:

When leaving your home or apartment please follow the following guidelines:

  • Submit a 30 day notice in writing as required by the lease agreement. Include your forwarding address so we can return your security deposit minus any applicable charges for cleaning and/or damages
  • Make sure all your belongings have been removed from the apartment or home. Do not leave any large items at the curb such as mattresses, couches, boxes, ect
  • Remove all trash and properly dispose of it in designated containers. 
  • Fully clean the home including the carpets/floors
  • Turn in all keys. Please keep in mind, you will still be considered to be in possession of the home or apartment until all keys are turned into a member of management.